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Come enjoy one of the few truly exhilarating experiences to be had in this life! If you’ve ever dreamed of soaring above the clouds, this could be your opportunity for the ride of a lifetime. Jet Fighters International in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, can provide the exposure, experience and training to make your dreams come true. Take your piloting experience farther than you ever imagined with advanced jet fighter pilot training in a jet fighter aircraft.

Private pilots who hold a current pilot license and meet the minimum requirements may explore an entirely new realm of aviation with jet fighter piloting and training opportunities. Jet Fighters International can prepare you for an exciting future in jet aviation. Although 2018 saw new records for passengers and commercial air travel, the industry is running out of skilled, qualified pilots to fly the aircraft. New options are becoming available for qualified jet fighter pilots in defense and aerospace-related industries.

Jet Fighters International is based at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. This facility was originally built in 1941 to train pilots and aircrew for Navy TBM/TBF Avenger torpedo bombers during World War II. Known as West Prospect Satellite Field, the property was deeded by the government to the city of Fort Lauderdale in 1947 to be used as an airport.

Fighter Jet Rides for Pilots, Discovery Flights, Training

Jet Fighters International is a Ft. Lauderdale-based company built on the expertise and success of founder and chief instructor pilot Gary Solkovits. An experienced, FAA-certified instructor pilot for numerous aircraft, Gary has thousands of hours of accident-free flight time. He has piloted over 55 different types of aircraft, including coporate jets and jet fighters.

Under his leadership, Jet Fighters International has expanded from a purveyor of aircraft for buyers into a commercial jet fighter company, providing numerous jet fighter-related services and professional-grade training. Since 2006, Jet Fighters International has operated the first FAA-accepted training program for the L-39C Jet Fighter Aircraft to provide the following services:

  • Initial/Discovery Flight Training – experience what it’s like to fly a jet fighter!
  • Recurrent training
  • Instrument competency training
  • Biennial flight review training
  • Ground and flight training for type ratings in the L-39C jet fighter aircraft
  • Upset training for private, commercial, corporate and airline transport pilots

Our clients range from private pilots seeking a thrill to professional pilots needing refresher training. We also work with defense-related clients who take advantage of Gary’s expertise in piloting and training others to fly jet fighters.

Safe, Professional and Exclusive

Private, Commercial and Airline Transport pilots can receive various levels of training all year long, by appointment. The FAA mandates that candidates for jet fighter flights and/or instruction hold a current pilot’s license, have verifiable flying experience, be in reasonably good health, meet basic height, weight and TSA restrictions and sign a release of liability.

Choose to complete a single lesson or all the necessary training to become type rated in the L-39C Albatros jet fighter. This low wing, tandem seating and turbo fan-powered jet aircraft is designed for basic and advanced pilot training, weapons delivery and light attack combat missions. It is used by over 30 different countries as a trainer/combat aircraft.

Are you ready to learn more about the thrill of a lifetime? Don’t just dream about taking flight in an authentic jet fighter aircraft – make your dream a reality! Those pilots that meet the above requirements should contact us at Jet Fighters International in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. You may call us at 954-648-1955 or contact us online for more information or to inquire more about scheduling our services.