Jet Fighters International, Inc. was formed in 2001 and has been in business to do the following:

Gary Solkovits Legendary L-39 Pilot

Gary’s flying career started in Chicago where he received his Private Pilot Certificate, Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor (CFIA) Ratings while attending college. For the next several years, he then worked as Manager and Chief Flight Instructor for a large Flying Club having 110 Pilots with 10 aircraft and trained hundreds of pilots to fly.

He then went on to obtain his Instrument Rating, Instrument Instructor (CFII), Airplane Multi-engine Land (AMEL), Seaplane (ASES), Basic Ground Instructor (BGI), Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI) and Instrument Ground Instructor (IGI) and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Ratings. At this point, Gary had instructed in and flown approximately 55 different makes and models of aircraft.

After finishing college, Gary built a Pitts Special S1S and flew it for many years in numerous and various Airshows and Aerobatic Competitions. Several years later, he moved to Florida and took his Pitts Special with him.

Gary then was trained and became a Part 135 Charter Pilot for the following Air Charter Companies:

Additionally, he has flown the following Corporate Jets:

Gary’s experience in flying Jet Fighters:

He has flown the Aero L-39C Albatros as Performer and Jet Lead at the EAA AirVenture Airshow at Oshkosh, Wisconsin for many years and also has Performed at numerous and various Airshows around the USA.

Safety is Gary’s Number 1 Priority. He has an impeccable Safety Record because he has never had an accident or violation in all of his years and thousands of hours of flying!