What is a discovery flight? Explore the sensations of jet-propelled flight in an L-39C Albatros jet fighter piloted by a highly-experienced and FAA-certified instructor pilot. You can experience the “Thrill of a Lifetime” in air-conditioned and pressurized comfort, doing such maneuvers as a high-performance climb, slow rolls, barrel rolls, military wing overs, rapid acceleration descent maneuvers and a carrier type landing.

But there’s more… YOU get to FLY the jet fighter! Each flight is customized! Explore the vagaries of jet-propelled flight as you control the aircraft, learning what it takes to pilot it safely through various maneuvers. If you have ever yearned to break free from the bonds of earth and explore the atmosphere above, then a “Discovery Flight” with Jet Fighters International is your ticket to freedom at high speed over beautiful Florida.

Discovery Flights are the perfect gift for that special someone, or even yourself, to celebrate milestones or significant accomplishments. Contact Jet Fighters International in Fort Lauderdale and let us design the perfect jet fighter experience for you or your loved one.

FAA Approved Training & Discovery Flights

Through our “FAA Accepted Training Program,” we will provide ground school, including aircraft systems, briefing for the flight, pre-flight inspection, cockpit orientation, safety brief, flight instruction in the L-39C jet fighter and a debriefing. Your customized experience will closely mimic an actual flight mission in every aspect. You will become familiar with all the requirements for a safe and successful flight in an actual jet fighter aircraft.

Our highly experienced and FAA-certified L-39C instructor pilot, Gary Solkovits, has piloted and/or instructed in 55 different types of propeller-driven aircraft. For many years he also flew for several Air Charter Companies as a Part 135 Charter Pilot flying the the Learjet 24’s, 25’s and 35’s. Additionally he has flown other Corporate jets including the Cessna Citation 501SP, Cessna Citation Jet, Cessna Citation Mustang, Eclipse 500, Morane-Saulnier MS.760 Paris Jet and Morane-Saulnier MS.760 Paris Jet II.

His jet fighter flying experience includes the Aero L-39C Albatros (Type Rated & Authorized Instructor), Aero L-39ZO Albatros, Lockheed T33, Canadair CL-41G Tebuan,  Fouga CM.170 Magister and  the Prototype Jet Bede BD-10.

Gary holds an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Rating, Certified Flight Instructor (CFIA), Instrument Rating, Instrument Instructor (CFII), Airplane Multi-engine Land (AMEL), Seaplane (ASES), Basic Ground Instructor (BGI), Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI), Instrument Ground Instructor (IGI) and Commercial Glider Pilot Rating.

Fly a Real Jet Fighter in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fly high in the sky at speeds exceeding 400 mph, and enjoy the panoramic views. Originally made in Czechoslovakia, many Aero L-39C Albatros jet fighters saw service training generations of Warsaw Pact MIG pilots, and they are still actively used by the military forces of over 30 countries. The Jet Fighters International L-39C Albatros jet fighter is lovingly and painstakingly maintained for safety and superior performance.

The ground and flight training for your FAA-Approved “Discovery Flight” in the L-39C takes approximately 3-4 hours, with costs beginning at only $2,995! The minimum requirement is a private pilot certificate. Other requirements may be levied at the discretion of the pilot or by Jet Fighters International. All “Discovery Flight” candidates must sign a release of liability form.

For more information about our Discovery Flights, Jet Fighter Training or other services from Jet Fighters International, contact us online or call our Fort Lauderdale, FL, offices at 954-648-1955.