There are absolutely NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE THE FEELING of how smooth, comfortable and exhilarating it is to be at 10,000 feet in 40 seconds! It’s like having a rocket strapped to your back! Everything that was real big gets really small, very quick! As one private pilot mentioned, “The experience was the stuff of dreams!”

The skies over sunny Florida are perfect for a jet fighter flight experience. Jet Fighters International conducts primary flight operations from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE). This was formerly West Prospect Satellite Field, built in 1941 as a Navy pilot training complex. Here, pilots and aircrew were trained to fly TBM/TBF Avenger torpedo bombers in combat during World War II.

On this historic site, you will attend ground school, pre-flight the L-39C Albatros jet fighter, review the safety brief and get clearance for takeoff. After establishing a safe flight envelope and location, your FAA-certified instructor pilot will declare, “You’re flying the jet fighter!”

East Coast Pilot Fighter Jet Rides Cost

Many assume that the cost of flying in a fighter jet is expensive. But how do you fix a price on an exhilarating, once-in-a-lifetime experience? One of the flight experiences you can have is being instructed in a high-performance climb. Your pilot will choose to do this over the ocean or in the practice area.

Imagine cruising up the beach at a fast idle at 200 KIAS, getting approval from ATC for the high-performance climb, then adding full power/military thrust (106.8%)! Be pushed back into your seat like riding a jet dragster, accelerating rapidly to 250 KIAS. Follow the directions from your instructor pilot to turn out over the ocean for spacing, and then turn back toward the land, putting the aircraft into a steep climb over the ocean and climbing at 15,000 feet per minute. You will be climbing 30 times faster than a Cessna or Piper.

Level off at 8,500 feet or 10,000 feet depending on ATC, the weather or other aircraft in the area. This is a very low G-force maneuver, and yet the thrill is unbelievable. Other maneuvers you can experience can include slow rolls, barrel rolls, military wing overs and rapid acceleration descent maneuvers and a carrier type landing. All beginning as low as $2,995!

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Additional jet fighter training is available for initial, recurrent, instrument competency, biennial flight review, upset and type ratings. Jet Fighters International provides pilot refresher training for private, commercial, corporate and airline transport pilots. All Instruction is provided by an ATP, Type Rated in L-39, Authorized Instructor in L-39, Aerobatic Instructor, Airshow Performer, CFIA, CFII, ASEL, ASES, MEI, BGI, AGI and IGI.

The minimum requirement for a jet fighter ride is a private pilot certificate. Our FAA-certified L-39 instructor pilot, Gary Solkovits, has never had an accident or violation in many thousands of hours of flight in over 55 different types of aircraft. Our number one priority for our clients is safety. All jet fighter ride candidates must sign a release of liability form.

For more information, you may explore the other pages of our website, including our FAQ page for common questions clients ask. If you are ready to schedule your pilot jet fighter ride, contact us online or call 954-648-1955 and speak with a member of our team at Jet Fighters International.