Through our “FAA Accepted Training Program” we will provide Ground School including Aircraft Systems, Briefing for the Flight, Pre-flight Inspection, Cockpit Orientation, Safety Brief, Flight Instruction in the Jet Fighter and a Debriefing. Each Flight is customized for YOU. The minimum requirement is a Private Pilot Certificate.

Our most popular Jet Fighter Training Lessons are as follows:

The Initial Training/Discovery Training Flight Lesson including the Ground School and Flight Training generally takes between 3 to 4 hours.
The shorter flight portion consists of either 45 minutes = $3,995 USD; OR
The regular flight portion consists of 1 hour = $4,495 USD.

Upset Training Lesson in a Jet Fighter:

Many pilots have never experienced being upside down i.e., being in inverted flight let alone in a Critical Unusual Attitude. The L-39C Jet Fighter is the perfect aircraft for Upset Training.

The Upset Training Lesson includes three areas which are as follows:

Lesson Objective, Lesson Content and Completion Standards including 3 Proficiency Levels:

Basic VFR; Advanced VFR; and Advanced IFR.

The above Upset Training Lessons consist of from 1 to 5 Lessons. Each Ground and Flight Training Lesson takes approximately 3-4 hours. The Flight portion can be either 45 minutes for $3,995 USD or for 1 Hour $4,495 USD.

Jet Fighter AV-39 Type Rating:

The time it will take and your cost for the Type Rating is directly related to your prior experience. Please feel free to provide me with your current rating(s), total time and how much time in jet aircraft that you have, if any.

You will have two options regarding Ground Training:

  1. You can attend our Private Class one-on-one 30 hour FAA Ground Training in order to learn all the aircraft systems, etc. for a fee of $3000 OR
  2. You can purchase an L-39 Manual and self study in order to learn all the aircraft systems.

The flight portion is strictly a function of your ability to do the maneuvers within limits for your check ride. Dual Flight Instruction including fuel is billed at a fee of $4,495 per hour.

To Schedule a Flight call 954-648-1955 or email

We are based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where the weather for flying is excellent year-round. Our company has a contract with Marriott Courtyard Hotels for special discounted rates for our pilots.