review letter

Holy Crap! I flew a Fighter Jet!
My wife earned some serious brownie points with a gift of a 1 hour flight in a L39-C. As a private pilot, the experience was the stuff of dreams and Gary (the owner) is a consummate professional pilot and a genuinely nice person. After a briefing on the plane, safety & emergency procedures, Gary went over the maneuvers we would perform. He taxied out, took off and at about 500 feet announced “your plane.” He gave me altitude and heading as we climbed out he said “you’re flying a fighter jet!” Amazing! We flew out of Fort Lauderdale executive, East over the Atlantic, turned to follow the shore North. Soon we turned inland and flew out to a practice area over Florida wetlands. Once there, he would demonstrate a maneuver, then turn over the stick and allow me to duplicate the move. Steep turns, wing-overs, slow rolls, etc. were the order of the day and the plane was more amazing than I can put into words. There were 2 video cameras, 1 pointed at me and 1 pointed at a wing tip. Thank you, Adrienne!


I spent a great day with Gary during an introduction to L-39 ownership. He reviewed the systems and ownership of the aircraft. We followed up with a really exciting one hour flight in his bird. The plane is really easy to fly and has great performance and handling. Gary is a very accomplished instructor that does a great job making you feel comfortable in the L-39.

Dennis Blauser
review letter