Upset Training is just what it sounds like. It is training for how to handle flight incidents when a pilot finds himself or herself in an unusual or unsafe attitude for normal flight operations. This is a specific type of flight training that is not available from just any flight school. Jet Fighters International in Fort Lauderdale, FL, offers upset training by a talented, exceptionally-experienced pilot with an impeccable safety record.

Many pilots have never experienced being upside down, or being in inverted flight, let alone in a critical unusual attitude. ONLY PROPER TRAINING by having pilots experience unusual attitudes with directed instructional practice will allow them to recognize and recover from such unusual and dangerous situations. In the future, when a situation of an unusual attitude occurs, it will not be a surprise. Why? Because the pilot will take proper corrective action learned from his or her training. This training saves lives.

The L-39C Albatros jet fighter is the perfect aircraft for upset training. It has a huge operational envelope, wherein the aircraft stalls at 85 KIAS and has a top speed of 491 KIAS; it is also rated for +8 Gs and -4 Gs. The visibility is outstanding because both cockpits are positioned in front of the wing. This aircraft is still being used by 30 countries around the world as a frontline jet fighter/trainer. It is both air-conditioned and pressurized. The L-39C jet fighter has full functioning flight controls in both the front and rear cockpit.

Unusual Attitude Recognition and Recovery

The Upset Training Course provided by our FAA-certified instructor, Gary Solkovits, includes three areas which are as follows:

  1. Lesson Objective: The pilot will become familiar and proficient in unusual attitude recognition and recovery.
  2. Lesson Content: Demonstration of having the pilot recognize the aircraft starting to develop the following conditions:
    • Unusual attitude
    • Recovery from inverted flight
    • High pitch, low power climbing turn
    • High power, steep descending spiral
    • Various other unusual attitude aircraft configurations
    • 60° bank accelerated stall
    • Discussion and demonstration of stall from any attitude, including straight and level flight
  3. Completion Standards: Understands and demonstrates safe recognition and recovery from unusual attitudes.

The above upset training course consists of from 1 to 3 lessons. Each ground and flight training lesson takes approximately 3-4 hours. The flight portion can be either 45 minutes for $2,995 USD or 1 hour for $3,495 USD.

Excellent Flight Training from a Qualified Instructor

Gary Solkovits founded Jet Fighters International after accumulating a wealth of training, certifications and flying experience. He has piloted and/or instructed in 55 different types of propeller-driven aircraft, 9 corporate jets, 5 jet fighters and 1 prototype jet. He is an FAA-certified L-39C Albatros instructor pilot. To this date, Gary has a perfect safety record, not ever having suffered any type of accident after thousands of hours of flight time.

Gary has flown for private investors, corporate flight firms and even special missions for NASA and the US government. You would have to look hard to find a more experienced and qualified instructor pilot anywhere in the world. Pilots of numerous types of aircraft can benefit from upset training with Gary Solkovits and Jet Fighters International.

To schedule a flight or inquire about our flight training options, call 954-648-1955 or contact us online.